A physical enjoyment is all that is needed to drink a glass of wine but intelligence, sensitivity and competence are required to actually taste it.

Gualtiero Marchesi


Real dynamism means thinking and acting calmly but always in time.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Successful businesses often grow from small opportunities.



Trust has to be earned, it cannot be forced or gained simply by declarations. Trust can be gained by action and concrete facts.

Karol Wojtyla

The Alba Advisors SA team offers personalised consultancy services in the management, tax and business sectors for both corporate and private clients in a cordial, dynamic and professional atmosphere.
In today’s constantly changing economic and political situation, where regulations need to be constantly updated, we place the utmost importance on identifying suitable solutions for your specific needs.

Contact us for a no-obligation meeting so that we can evaluate your needs and we will then provide you with step-by-step assistance with the various bureaucratic and administrative requirements.

Alba Advisors SA is an accountancy firm providing complete and personalised fiduciary services.

  • Incorporation in or relocation of companies to Switzerland
  • Payroll services

The full list of services is available on the page Companies and Individuals.

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