The Alba Advisors SA team is made-up of highly qualified, dynamic, and versatile professionals who are always available for our clients’ requirements.

Ms Memmi Fava, president of the Board of Directors. She holds the title of fiduciary chartered accountant, is a member of the cantonal Association of Fiduciaries and is qualified as a Federal level accountant. She is a member of the OAD FCT (anti-money laundering auditing association), the ASR (the Swiss auditors surveylance authority) and the Canton Ticino Association of Chartered Accountants.

Mr Valerio Francini, founder of Alba Advisors SA, senior advisor. He graduated in Economics and Business from the Cattolica University in Milan and practised as a fiduciary chartered accountant until 2014. He was a member of the Canton Ticino Association of Chartered Accountants and he has held numerous management positions in both banking and industry sectors.

Mr Daniele Albertolli, founder of Alba Advisors SA, senior advisor. He has 20 years’ experience working in the fiscal sector, firstly in the Corporate Tax Department and then in the Private Tax Deparment as Commissioner.

Ms Barbara Francini, member of the Board of Directors. She qualified in accounts administration in Italy and she started working for Alba Advisors in July 2008. Prior to this she worked in leading international banks for 18 years, strengthening and building her knowledge of financial and commercial accountancy, of asset management and of corporate and private client management.

Ms Margharita Luca obtained her Federal business qualification and has gained more than 20 years’ professional experience in the fiduciary sector. She has always worked in accountancy departments and has developed knowledge in this sector for both corporate and private clients. She worked for 3 years in Bern in the Justice and Police department and a further 3 years in the Ticino office of an international construction company. She joined Alba Advisors SA in April 1999 and has since gained her qualification as fiduciary chartered accountant.